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Adil Haddaoui
Hello, I'm Adil. I am a Tech Lead Full Stack Developer with several years of experience in the industry. I have had the opportunity to lead teams in the development of applications for both enterprises and startups.
I specialize in front-end and back-end development and have a good understanding of various technologies, frameworks, software, and programming languages. I aim to use this knowledge to deliver practical solutions for my clients.
I enjoy working with teams and clients to gather requirements and find the best solutions for their needs. I believe in delivering value to my clients and always strive to find ways to improve their experience.

Tech & Tools I use 💻 🛠️

Office Setup

  • Laptop: MacBook Pro M1 13″
  • Keyboard: Keychron K2 - Brown Switches
  • Mouse: Magic Mouse 2
  • External Screen 1: ASUS VA24EHE 23.8″ IPS
  • External Screen 2: iiYama ProLite XUB2492HSU 23.8″ IPS - I use it vertically sometimes
  • Screens Mount: support OPE-6
  • Dual Docking station: Wavlink wl-ug69dk1 DisplayLink support, Without it Macbook M1 can't run 2 external screens

Development Tools

  • Visual Studio Code: IDE of choice for most languages
  • Cobalt2: Theme for VSCode
  • cascadia code: Font family for my VSCode
  • Hyper Terminal: Highly extensible & customisable, electron based terminal application
  • hyperterm-cobalt2-theme: Theme for Hyper terminal
  • Inconsolata for Powerline: Font family for my Hyper terminal (it supports the terminal prompts symbols)
  • Zsh: Shell of choice, yes I have my dotfiles
  • Oh My Zsh: Framework for Zsh
  • Githup co-pilot: Taking advantage of AI to help when it can
  • Google Chrome: My main broswer

General Software & Tools

  • Spark: My go-to email client to manage my inboxes
  • Notion: for everything, from brainstorming to project management
  • Apple notes: For fast notes taking
  • Studio3T: GUI, IDE & client for MongoDB
  • Postico: I use it as an IDE & client for PostgreSQL databases
  • Postman: For API Testing
  • Ngrok: For secure Localhost Tunnel
  • Bitwarden: Password manager
  • Helps sketching diagrams & wireframes
  • The best ERDs drawer for me so far

Current Tech Stack

  • ReactJs
  • Next.js
  • NodeJS
  • Serverless functions: Mostly I use Vercel Functions for that
  • GraphQL: I use Apollo Client for my React apps
  • TypeScript: I use it for all my projects
  • Styled-Components: A React-specific CSS-in-JS styling solution
  • MongoDB
  • Playwright: Playwright offers more flexibility, scalability, and cross-browser capabilities than Cypress, and it's FASTER

I also use occasionally (as per project requirements)

  • Gatsby: React-based, GraphQL powered, static site generator
  • Blitz: Full-stack React framework with a zero-API data layer built on Next.js, Bring RPC to NextJS
  • ElectronJS: Used it to build some cross-platform desktop apps
  • React Native: I have used Ionic before, But I prefer React Native overall.
  • Cypress: End-to-end testing framework for web applications
  • Headless CMS: My Favorite right now is DATOCMS and Swell for e-commerce
  • Chakra UI: A simple, modular and accessible component library for React applications.
  • Tailwind CSS: A utility-first CSS framework
  • PostgreSQL
  • Prisma: An open-source database toolkit


  • DigitalOcean: Droplets, Spaces, Load Balancers, Databases ...
  • Ubuntu: My favorite Linux distro on DigitalOcean droplets
  • Nginx: Web server that I use on DigitalOcean droplets
  • Vercel: Serverless functions, Static sites & Jamstack apps deployments
  • Cloudflare: CDN, DNS, Load Balancers, Firewall ...
  • Godaddy + NameCheap: Domain names
  • CI/CD: Github Actions, Vercel, Azure Pipelines, Travis CI ...